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Action and relaxingActivities in Taveuni

Taveuni, the Garden Island of Fiji, is a utopia for nature-loving travelers. More than half the island is protected national parkland with undisturbed tropical rain forests. The remainder features farms and undeveloped land. The 42–kilometer long island has rich volcanic soil and a marine environment unrivalled anywhere in the world. Streams are unpolluted and the rainforest is extensive and pristine with no harmful animals or insects.

Nakia is centrally located on Taveuni, with easy access to the island’s many offerings. Diving and snorkeling in the waters around Taveuni is world class. The Rainbow Reef and Great White Wall can be the high points of your diving vacation!

We make sure that our guests experience as much adventure – and as much relaxation – as they wish. Adventurous travelers can use Nakia’s complimentary deluxe mountain bikes and sea kayaks to explore the island. We also can arrange at a nominal cost, a car and driver or fully guided walks. Guests seeking to relax will find everything they need without leaving the resort if they choose.

Explore near-by reefs or visit remote waterfalls and secluded beaches using the resort’s sea kayaks.

Nakia’s fresh–water swimming pool is the largest on Taveuni. The short path from the resort to the beach immediately below Nakia provides access to the clear waters of the Somosomo Strait with its stunning reef and sea life. Prince Charles beach is nearby with a white-sand beach and shallow waters extending out to the reef.

Try your luck with mahi-mahi, wahoo, yellowfin, skipjack, giant trevally and barracuda that frequent the waters around Taveuni.

With many trails and few paved roads, Taveuni is a hiker’s and rider’s playground. Guests can hike up the mountain directly behind Nakia or use the resort’s complimentary deluxe mountain bikes on trails or on the road to town. Bouma National Heritage Park is an hour drive from Nakia. It has groomed trails through lush tropical rainforest to three spectacular waterfalls. Just beyond Bouma, the Lavena Coastal Walk is an easy stroll along the beach. We also can arrange a car and driver or horses with a guide to take you to beautiful areas to enjoy in flip-flops or tougher mountain trails needing sturdy shoes and a helpful guide.

Because of its protected status, limited land clearance, and the absence of the mongoose, Taveuni is home to more indigenous Fijian plants and animals, including native birds, than anywhere else in the country. Friendly local guides can help you find silktails, ferntails, kula parrots, doves and many other unusual birds during an early morning walk. Tom Tarrant (aka Aviceda), an avid bird photographer, has posted fabulous photos of Fijian birds on picasa and on Wikimedia Commons. Other wonderful natural subjects include the beaches, mountains, rainforest and ocean.

We can arrange visits to nearby villages and to Sunday services at the Catholic mission at Wairiki village, which feature memorable Fijian singing and music in a unique British colonial Romanesque church constructed in 1907. Nearby in Waiyevo, you can visit a marker for the 180 degree Meridian or International Dateline which passes through Taveuni.

Soqulu Plantation, a 30–minute drive from Nakia, has a small clubhouse, 9–hole golf course and tennis courts where you can rent equipment, eat lunch, swim, and spend a relaxing day.

After a full day of adventures, guests may explore Nakia’s beautiful grounds and relax at the resort’s lavish 12–meter fresh-water swimming pool, while a delicious dinner is prepared from fresh, local organic ingredients.